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Dundas Street West

Townhome Development


Dupont Street

Single Family Residence


Mixed-Use Development

Residential Commercial Retail


Chancery Drive

Residential Renovation


58 Lewis Street

Accessible Residential Units


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Public Library


Canary District

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Winter Stations 2017



  • 2012 - Sun Life Financial Centre
    Interior Upgrades - Various Floors
    3300 Bloor St. e - Toronto

  • 2012 - Residential Renovation
    127 Chancery Dr. - Ancaster

  • 2012 - Rogers Data Centre
    Wolfedale Hub Expansion

  • 2012 - Accessible Residential Units Addition
    Accommodation Information & Support (AIS)
    58 Lewis St. - Toronto

  • 2013 - Centre for Forensic Sciences
    Decommissioning of Laboratories and Offices
    25 Grosvenor St. & 26 Grenville St. - Toronto

  • 2013 - Residential Expansion Feasibility Study
    Affordable Housing
    49 Mutual St. - Toronto

  • 2013 - Briarscross Residential Renovations

  • 2013 - Franklin Horner Community Centre
    Consulting Collaboration with Bill Lobb Architect

  • 2014 - Office Fit-out & Redesign - 15th floor
    25 Grosvenor St. - Toronto

  • 2014 - Accessible Residential Units & Community Spaces
    Accommodation Information & Support (AIS)
    1076 Bathurst St. - Toronto

  • 2014 - Resources Road Government Campus
    Documentation & Decommissioning of Laboratories and Offices

  • 2014 - Ward 5 Community Centre
    New Glasgow - Nova Scotia

  • 2014 - Single Family Residence
    Dupont St. - Toronto

  • 2014 - Rogers Data Centre
    Sperling Hub Expansion
    Barrie - Ontario

  • Ten-2-Four

    Architecture Inc.

    Ten-2-Four Architecture Inc. is an emerging and innovative licensed architectural practice located in mid-town Toronto. Although a relatively new practice founded in 2012, we have extensive experience and expertise gleaned from previous offices in both public and private sectors with projects of various sizes and complexity.

    We believe that good design is a function of design effort and not entirely of budget and to that end we go the extra mile to ensure that our design solutions respond to the Clients’ directives and programming requirements through extensive research of materials and methods.

  • Judah Michael Mulalu


    Judah’s design skills are based on a very sound understanding of the technical aspects of architecture that allow ideas to be transitioned successfully into a built form during construction. An advocate of an ecology based approach to architecture with human scale at the core of it, Judah strives for architectural solutions that are harmonious with their context, engage the user and encourage interaction not only with the built environment but with other users as well.

    A graduate of the Dalhousie School of Architecture with a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies and a Masters of Architecture Degrees, Judah is a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and a licensed member of the Ontario Association of Architects. A strong advocate for good environmental stewardship, Judah utilizes his experience with the requirements of permitting processes for both municipal and provincial authorities having jurisdiction to good effect to advise clients of realistic time frames for their projects.

    With over twenty-five years of professional experience, a significant aspect of Judah’s management skills is the ability to calmly bridge the traditionally adversarial architect-contractor dynamic in order to create a synergy that focuses on, is invested in the best possible outcome for the client’s project and builds successful and reliable partnerships to benefit future collaborations.

  • Nazli Salehi


    Nazli’s architectural skills are complemented by her comprehensive academic research background. She is a graduate of McGill University School of Architecture with a Post-Professional Masters of Architecture degree and A University of Tehran Masters of Architecture Alumni. Nazli’s excellent coordination and communication skills along with more than ten years of professional experience have resulted in developing her strength in successful management of projects of varying complexities, types and sizes as well as promotion of positive relationships between clients, contractors and consultant teams.

    With a sense of curiosity in art and design theory and critique, Nazli advocates for excellence in design and quality of space and makes every effort to create an opportunity for design and enhancement of our experience of the built environment. Her projects benefit from a keen sense of organization and simplicity while keeping up to date with the evolving world of building materials and technologies.

  • Services

  • Pre-design Services

    Feasibility studies, planning and zoning bylaw reviews, functional programming, space relationships/flow diagrams, project development scheduling, existing facility surveys and documentation, client supplied data coordination, creation of as-found base drawings, etc.

    Schematic Design

    Client-supplied data review and coordination, program and budget evaluation, conceptual design drawings and documents, interior design concepts, preparation of promotional materials and concept 3D renderings, coordination of sub-consulting team as well as special consultant services, consultations with all authorities having jurisdiction, etc.

    Design Development

    Architectural design development, client consultations, review and incorporation of finalized project requirements and functional program, coordination of sub-consulting team, statements of probable cost, etc.

    Construction Documents

    Project coordination, preparation of architectural construction drawings and documents including form of construction contract and specifications, document checking and coordination (document management and tracking), coordination of all sub-consulting services including but not limited to civil, landscape, structural, mechanical, electrical, cost consulting, etc.

  • Bidding & Negotiation

    Preparation and issuance of all bidding documents including construction contract and supplementary conditions, coordination of bidding process, preparation and issuance of addenda, evaluation of bids and subsequent recommendation to owner, building permit application, coordination of plan examiners’ requests for additional information and team responses, etc.

    Construction Administration

    Represent the client/owner, construction review, progress review and evaluation, review contractor’s progress draws and process certificates for payments, interpretation of contract documents, review of shop drawings product data and samples, preparation and issuance of project change documents, substantial performance report and documentation, coordinate project close-out and close-out documents, etc.


    Field review, deficiency assessment, instructions for correction of deficiencies, review of warranties, total performance and certification, coordinate one-year warranty inspections, etc.